Quality and Food Safety Policy

  • To enhance and accelerate individual development through continuous training to increase our employees’ loyalty and satisfaction and by adopting this method to create a standard of unconditional service to our customers.
  • By using advanced technology to act within a quality conscious manner which contains timely and continuous development and be beneficial to the community and the laws by creating a strong partner network.
  • Müşterilerimize sunduğumuz hizmetin her zaman yüksek standartlarda olması için değişen teknolojileri, iletişim araçlarını ve işletme kaynaklarını etkin bir biçimde kullanmak.
  • To effectively use the progressively changing technologies, communication tools and business resources in order to ensure that our services are always of high standards and superior quality.
  • To always protect and guarantee our employees’ health, safety, present and future and to identify the risks and reduce them to tolerable levels by abiding by ethical and legal regulations.
  • We treat our employees equally without discrimination of language, religion or race.
  • To be able to compete and to provide resources by adopting the concept of continuous improvement and development.
  • Being aware that quality begins with our employees; with its highly educated, young, open to innovation, able to adopt and implement changes, creative and friendly employees, we aim to meet customer expectations at the highest standards and to contribute to the creation of this awareness both in the clients and related parties.
  • To increase and raise awareness of all employees on Food Safety Management System and to provide training in order to obtain individual responsibility.
  • To abide by and comply with all relevant legal requirements, legislations and regulations, Food Safety hazard analysis and HACCP plans required in line with Food Safety Management System.
  • Act with continuous follow up of technology to ensure food safety by producing products under hygienic conditions and in an appropriate manner to food.
  • Create working conditions for and take measures that ensure health and safety of all parties involved in the production process or during the realization of the product.
  • To be an example organization and contribute to the country’s economy by continuously improving business volume.
  • To be an exemplary environmentally friendly institution that saves and protects environment.

If you have any questions about this Quality and Food Safety Policy, you may contact Starline Global Trade.

This policy was last updated on or about May 1, 2018.